I'm a freelance photographer with experience in a variety of disciplines, including aviation, motorsports, and landscape photography. I'm always looking to expand my skills and portfolio through new opportunities. I use Canon cameras, Canon & Sigma lenses, and Adobe's Creative Suite to edit and transform images.
I'm originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, home of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Camel cigarettes. I don't partake in either much, anymore. Okay -- maybe the doughnuts. Every once in a while. I currently live in Lewisville, just outside of town. I'm happily married with a (currently) 3-year-old daughter who believes she's 25, and I enjoy music, fast cars, and other things with moving parts.
In photography, I enjoy capturing moments, and the emotion and energy that are conveyed within them. I take great pleasure in interacting with my clients, and will always use your input to help create something unique and special.
I look forward to shooting your next event!
- MP
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